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Find who can help you
Always consult your veterinarian for your pet's behavioral problem, in order to exclude any medical reason

In order to achieve the best results, Arhomani recommends you to include the use of essential oils within a full behavior treatment.

The Certified Arhomani Trainers are veterinarians and/or trainers who believe in Arhomani.

They have followed the training and are committed to keep themselves regularly updated by attending our annual conference.

Don't hesitate to contact them! They can help you!

List of Arhomani Certified Trainers in Belgium
Ethel Hourlay
TITLE: Veterinarian
COMPANY: Hourlay & Associés
ADDRESS: Chaussée de Charleroi 56
CITY: 5000 Namur
COUNTRY: Belgium
PHONE: (+32) 081 74 26 08
LANGUAGE: french
Saskia Bott
TITLE: dog trainer
COMPANY: Le Chien Botté
ADDRESS: rue de l’Ancienne Mairie, 3
CITY: Olloy-sur-Viroin
COUNTRY: Belgium
E-MAIL: info@lechienbotte.be
PHONE: (+32) 0478 74 00 67
LANGUAGE: français, Nederlands, Deutsch, English
Frédérique Destexhe
TITLE: Animal Behaviourist (cats)
COMPANY: The Mooncat
ADDRESS: Avenue Marie-José 98
CITY: 1200 Woluwe Saint Lambert
COUNTRY: Belgium
E-MAIL: contact@themooncat.be
PHONE: (+32) 495 37 97 57
Stéphane Koenig
TITLE: Dog Trainer
COMPANY: Educateur Canin à Domicile
ADDRESS: Rue des visons 14
CITY: 5364 Hamois
COUNTRY: Belgium
E-MAIL: info@educateurcaninadomicile.be
PHONE: (+32) 478 13 22 59
Isabelle Delcour
TITLE: Osteopath (dogs and cats)
COMPANY: Cat and Dog Osteopathic Care
ADDRESS: 12, Avenue Félix Marchal
CITY: 1030 Bruxelles
COUNTRY: Belgium
E-MAIL: rehabilitationcaninefeline@gmail.com
PHONE: (+32) 489 39 27 49
LANGUAGE: English, Dutch, French
Katleen Sucaet
TITLE: Animal Behaviourist (dogs)
COMPANY: Magnus Canis Niger
ADDRESS: Meersstraat 9B
CITY: 9270 Laarne
COUNTRY: Belgium
E-MAIL: sucaetdemol@live.be
PHONE: (+32) 477 74 72 45
LANGUAGE: Dutch, English
Dieter Everaert
TITLE: Veterinarian - Animal Behaviourist (dogs, cats, birds, rabbits, exotics)
COMPANY: Dierenarts Dieter
ADDRESS: Hagelandstraat 4
CITY: 3012 Wilsele
COUNTRY: Belgium
E-MAIL: dierenartsdieter@gmail.com
PHONE: (+32) 479 78 46 93
LANGUAGE: English, Dutch
Laura Bangels
TITLE: Clinical Behavioural Biologist, MSc Animal Sciences
COMPANY: Gedragscentrum voor honden
ADDRESS: Heuvelstraat 2
CITY: 3560 Lummen
COUNTRY: Belgium
E-MAIL: info@laurabangels.be
PHONE: (+32) 498 79 24 71
Sandrine Verstraete
TITLE: Physiotherapist - Dog Assisted Therapy
COMPANY: Dog Emotion
ADDRESS: Morteuslei 18
CITY: 2930 Brasschaat
COUNTRY: Belgium
E-MAIL: sandrine.verstraete@gmail.com
PHONE: (+32) 498 13 86 74
LANGUAGE: English, Dutch, French
Walter Hens
TITLE: Animal Behaviourist (dogs)
COMPANY: Taal van de Hond
ADDRESS: Wouwerstraat 30
CITY: 2220 Heist-op-den-Berg
COUNTRY: Belgium
E-MAIL: info@taalvandehond.be
PHONE: (+32) 475 27 89 03
LANGUAGE: Dutch, English, French
Ann Drieskens
TITLE: Veterinarian - Animal Behaviourist (dogs, cats)
COMPANY: DAP Kattenbos
ADDRESS: Haardstraat 11
CITY: 3920 Lommel
COUNTRY: Belgium
E-MAIL: info@dapkattenbos.be
PHONE: (+32) 011 811 015
LANGUAGE: Dutch, English